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Here are our proposals:

le Village Gaulois
Duration 4 hours
Price 45€ / person

Located 30 minutes from Toulouse, departure by bus from ENAC.

Discover a unique site in Europe, a reconstruction based on a history and a project that is atypical, carried by a small team animated by the passion for history and archaeology.

Guided tour of the site for half a day. EGC accompanist included.

la Cité de l’Espace
Duration 8 hours
Price 60€ / person

Day at the Cité de l’Espace:

  • A guided tour all day by one of our scientific animators.
  • Accompaniment throughout the day.
  • Access to the Imax show and Planetarium.
  • Lunch at the restaurant.
  • Departure from ENAC: bus 37 direct (not included).

EGC accompanist included.

Aeroscopia & Airbus
Duration 4 hours
Price 45€ / person

1 entry to the Aéroscopia museum + 1 Let’s Visit Airbus guided tour:

  • Bus departing from ENAC
  • Guided tour in English
  • Hosted by Manatour
Halle de la Machine
Duration 3 hours
Price 20€ / person

An exhibition of spectacle machines, in movement and storytelling. Discover the stable of machines by François Delarozière and La Machine Company.

  • Departure on foot from ENAC
  • EGC escort included
  • Self-guided tour of the machine hall
  • Ride on the Minotaur
Meal on the Canal du Midi
Duration 4 hours
Price 70€ / person

Restaurant on the Occitania barge: 3.5-hour cruise + meal included with wine and coffee.

Take city bus 27 from ENAC (ticket not included) to depart from Marengo.

EGC escort included.

The Enigmatic Carcassonne
Duration 6 hours 30 minutes
Price 70€ / person

1:30 pm : departure from the ENAC.

3:00 pm : arrival to the Carcassonne Citadel and guided tour (duration 1:30).

In a friendly and authentic atmosphere the visitors are invited to walk in the foot steps of medieval figures of the Carcassonne Citadel.

Follow our guides and head off on a conquest with in the citadel, where architecture, monuments and tales will take you back into a world of childhood dreams

4:30 pm : free time.

6:00 pm : departure from Carcassonne to Toulouse.

7:30pm : arrival to the ENAC.

  • 1 guide per 30 participants maximum.
  • This excursions includes a guided tour in english of the citadel without the entrances to the Count’s Castel.
  • Transport included.
Château de Lastours
Duration 4 hours
Price 70€ / person

2:00 pm : departure from the ENAC.

3:00 pm : arrival to the “Château de Lastours” and visit of the property.

Discover one of our region wealth : the wine.

Let’s discover the “Gaillacois” vineyard at the Château de Lastours, an old familly-owned property built more than four centuries ago.

On this estate, they grow a specific vine that is used to make 7 different wines from a sweet white to a strong red thanks to the ancestral method. You will travel through your senses with a guided wine tasting.

Is also inclued a tour of the wine cellar with the Chateau’s staff. A perfect occasion to immerge yourself into their savoir-faire.

5:00 pm : departure from Lastours to Toulouse.

6:00 pm : arrival to the ENAC.

  • 1 guide per 25 participants maximum.
  • Transport included.
Toulouse’s Treasures
Duration 2 hours
Price 20€ / person

Meet your guide at 5pm at the Wilson Square.

You will discover the famous Capitole Square, the Saint-Sernin Basilica and the Jacobins Convent.

You will appreciate to have a look at the incredible view along the river and feel like a real toulousian!

  • 1 guide per 30 participants maximum.
  • English guided/walking tour.
  • Entrances fees for the cloister of the Jacobins are not included.